What to Look For in Live Dealer Roulette at a Live Casino.

What to Look For in Live Dealer Roulette at a Live Casino.

By now it is no secret that you can play live dealer Roulette online. Roulette has been one of the most popular casino games since its creation in the 18th. Century. So it is no wonder that with the latest innovation of the online gaming industry, live casinos, live Roulette has firmly made its presence.

Live dealer casinos bring the real casino action to us instead of us going to them. We can interact with the live casino dealers as if we were sitting behind the Roulette wheel. We can even hear the croupiers make the winning calls and the real players in the background. Just in case you didn’t know, most live dealer casinos online are broadcasted from within a bricks and mortar casino. That is the reason why you can hear all of the hustle and bustle of a casino. Thanks to webcam technology we receive the video and audio feedback to our PC or Mac computer. These simple concepts give us an intense impact when we look to play our favorite casino game, Roulette.

When you look for a quality live dealer casino in order to play live Roulette online they have to offer you, as mentioned previously, these characteristics: live dealers and real time webcam video and audio streams in which you can see the results immediately. These are the two basic characteristics for playing live dealer Roulette. The differences you will find from one live casino to another depend on the gaming software they use, their payment and withdrawal methods, and the types of Roulette wheels they have to offer. Some will present you with various types of Roulette wheels. Others will only offer you one variation. Which one or ones you choose to play at all depends on what your preferences are.

The majority of live casinos online have the live European Roulette wheel. This variation is the Roulette wheel that has 37 numbers. There is one single zero number pocket and 1-36 numbered pockets on the wheel alternating between red and black. The French version has the same layout as the European Roulette wheel and table, however the betting options are in French and the table is red. Live French Roulette also has Call Bets. These types of bets are not always available with the European Roulette wheel. Finally, we have live American Roulette. This Roulette variation has a single zero number pocket as well as a double zero number pocket. As you can probably guess the American version has a higher house edge compared to the European and French variation. For this reason, European Roulette is usually the favorite among online players.

An advantage of playing live Roulette online is that the rules of the game are the same as they are in a bricks and mortar casino. So, you do not need to feel intimidated by the new webcam technology. Once you register, log in, and make a deposit into your real money account you will notice that you are already familiar with the Roulette rules. The only differences you may encounter are the minimum and maximum wagers permitted at the casino you choose. Nothing else is different other than the obvious fact that you are playing from behind your computer instead of playing from behind the Roulette table.

Playing live dealer Roulette is a matter of choosing the live casino that best fits your style preferences. Once you try a game of live Roulette online you will not have any need or desire to go to a land casino to play.

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